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About PJ Undies 

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Our mission is to provide people suffering from mild to moderate incontinence issues, a chance to regain their dignity, independence and keep the quality of their lives intact.  Once outgoing and independent people who have lost their freedom, now suffer insecurity and embarrassment due to this condition. Our desire is to restore to these people that which they have lost , as well as giving them back their confidence and peace of mind through a quality and reliable product.

Active Lifestyle

Gym Workout

Are you active?

This range applies to you as well, because not only does the additional slimline padding provide support and moisture wicking in your lady area, but it also solves an issue to a certain extent, of visual exposure while wearing clothing such as leggings and similar material bottoms.


Smiling Senior Couple

The dignity seniors deserve

We have been hard at work to develop something for our senior and persons suffering from incontinence. Our solution lies in an adult diaper range without the “diaper”. A completely slimmed down set of undies that offer the protection without the bulk and interchangeable inserts. Never look like a grown baby again.

Period Panties

Designer's Dress

That time of the month sucks, we know...

Like we said, we know it sucks. Dealing with that time of the month is a pain , in more ways than one. Leaks shouldn’t add to it! It doesn’t sound pretty but we’ve got you covered. Our period panty line up has an extra absorbent liner , retaining a low profile so no one will know.

Elderly Woman at Gym

Our products are manufactured with quality organic materials that ensure comfort and a reliable silky soft feeling with a high tolerance to allergy.

Infused with:


Natural Bamboo Fabric

Fit Woman



No nappy vibes here!

We offer our ranges in a variety of cuts and styles that will suit most body types. Whether you like a thong or classy hip huggers, we’ve got it,  with up to 12 different styles that match your personality and taste.


Mowing Lawn

Be as comfortable as this guy

Slim fit is sexy right, well we’ve kept that as key factor in mind while developing our ranges to be as slim as possibly to enhance comfort while still using materials that are reliable for the oopsies. Confidence with comfort and reliability, at least we got that covered.


Wet Cat

We don't want you to look like this

This could get a bit out of hand. We considered this and developed the padding to be extra absorbent and as organic as possible with cotton being the main material. Allowing up to 30ml of absorption and fast drying capability.

Different fits for different body types

It must fit like a glove

We understand that everyone is different, and clothes fit everyone differently. Therefore, we have developed our lady’s incontinence range to fit almost any body type for best comfort and protection.

Natural Beauty
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