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About The Camel Soap Factory 

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Founded in Dubai 2013 by a South African entrepreneur,  The Camel Soap Factory has seen much success, paying homage to a host of Middle Eastern range of fragrances and ingredients, that fashion it anything but conventional. Since then, the brand has expanded internationally and has now come home to the great planes of Africa. It's like nothing else on the market in SA.

Made in Dubai UAE

Soap Care Range


Broaden your smile

Produced with natural high quality ingredients. Our soap bars not only balance the PH level of your skin for a natural healthy glow, but also leave a lasting fragrant of your choosing. No added chemicals, just healthier happier skin.

Rescue Cream Care Range


Your body will thank you

Our award-winning rescue range is designed to improve skin barrier protection, sooth irritations and improve skin vitality. Enriched with moisturizing Shea butter, making it thick and highly absorbent, with no greasy residue.

Corporate Gifting


The perfect option for your customer

We offer our premium products in  corporate gifting options. Making it a suitable gift that leaves a lasting impression. Custom labeling and authentic presentation.


Our products are manufactured ethically & sustainably with premium quality ingredients

Camel Milk

Shea Butter

Omani Frankincense

Sidr Oil

Other Natural Oils




As natural as can be

You won’t have to think twice about quality when you choose our natural products. From fresh and indigenously sourced ingredients from the Middle East, such as camel’s milk to regional favourites such as Sidr oil and Omani frankincense, among other wholesome ingredients, we make sure to choose quality you can trust.



Simple, elegant, recyclable

When we say that we care for the environment, we mean it. And what’s the point of natural ingredients if the packaging isn’t? The beauty industry generates over 120 billion units of packaging every year, greatly impacting the environment and marine life. We do our best to wrap our products with eco-friendly packaging, minimizing waste and doing our part for the environment.



Why we take this seriously

With global demand outstripping supply, palm oil plantations are continually expanding at the cost of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s largest producers. This isn’t good news for endangered species and carbon emissions. We source palm oil only from sustainable sources, doing our bit for ethical environment.


Halal certified UAE

Our brand is recognized and approved by UAE official body

We understand Muslim needs and requirements in products. Therefore, for our Muslim communities in SA, we would like to give you peace of mind that our ranges are recognized and approved by UAE Halal body. This allows you to confidently use The Camel Soap Factory's products.

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